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The VFR Flight Manual AAI Italy was made by Avioportolano to fill an important information gap due to the fact that the rules relating to VFR flight in Italy are scattered throughout various sources: AIP, Laws on activity at Airstrips, Laws on VDS, Explanatory circulars from the Aero Club of Italy, from ENAC and ANSV. Furthermore - apart from AIP - all the other particular information concerning the Italian situation is available in our language only. It was therefore necessary to provide the information at least in English too, in order to facilitate foreign guests who wish to fly in Italy.

This manual brings together, in a single bilingual source (Italian and English), the entire Italian legislative package governing VFR flight; sorts the relative information, in practical menus, always present in the upper part of the device. The main menu recalls the structure of the AIP, consisting of GEN (General), ENR (En route), AD (Aerodrome) and a fourth MIS (Miscellaneous) section introduced by Avioportolano, where information removed from the previous three chapters is specified (e.g. example availability, methods and conditions of purchase of AIS publications)

Guida agli approdi aerei

All AIP information required for pilots and regarding flying under VFR has been included, keeping the original language and translations. Of the other specific Italian laws regulating flight under VFR, only information concerning pilots has been included, and is placed in subject order, maintaining – in this case, too – the original legislation, together with English translations.

The original AIP text is in clack. The regulatory texts are shown in the same color.
The following texts are in blue descriptions of AAI chapters, produced by the editor or authors, changes and/or elaboration of original text from AIP or legislative sources.

Interactive research

The Avioportolano Manual, unlike the classic sources of information (for example AIP), allows, through the interactive search, to find quickly and without knowing the structure of the document, what is desired. It is also possible to limit the search to a particular section of the manual (GEN, ENR, AD, MIS).

Guida agli approdi aerei


A third part of this manual offers a thorough description – as well as of the Airports – of the whole network of registered airfields and – a specifically Italian characteristic - unregistered airfields (suitable areas not included in AIP Italia, where it is permitted to land, take off, hold flying lessons, and transport passengers with certified aircraft and ULM), for which information has been collected and provided by AAI - Avioportolano Air Information Service.

Guida agli approdi aerei

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